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  Add a touch of delight to a kitchen table. Or add a decorative accent on a dining room table to welcome your guest to a beautiful dining experience. Show off your unique style to your guests a ... Show more


Add a touch of delight to a kitchen table. Or add a decorative accent on a dining room table to welcome your guest to a beautiful dining experience. Show off your unique style to your guests and remind your family how lovely life can be. Whether you want a formal accent or a fun decorative touch, our catalogue is sure to inspire.


Decorative Touches for Kitchens and Dining Rooms.

With a gorgeous catalogue filled to overflowing with inspiration, simple delights and intricately crafted pieces, bring your imagination and let it take a quiet flick through the possibilities. Our collection includes:

    Antique buckets: beautiful wooden buckets, crafted from reclaimed elm, sourced from provinces in China, each individual bucket carrying the reminders of its past. Place one on a kitchen bench and fill it with the delightful aromas of garden herbs or cuttings from the garden

    Clover bowl: cute, ceramic three legged bowl ideal for resting on a kitchen ledge to hold rings and bracelets while you clean, or as a knick knack bowl in a dining room

    Decorative chime: a simple delight for just inside the kitchen door, adds a touch of polished charm, available in a choice of sizes

    Wire fruit bowl: elegantly woven black wire bowls, at home in the kitchen or dining room, waiting to house fruit or decorative pieces

    Artificial fruit: they may be artificial, but they have a real delight. Buy a set of apples or pears to create a colourful moment in the centra of a dining room table or along a kitchen bench

    Silver decorative bowl: add a formal moment to a dining room sideboard, add some napkins before a meal to give a charming entrée to the meal

    Umbrella stand: porcelain umbrella stand in classic blue and white Chinese patterns and designs. Use to store umbrellas or a large decorative piece of greenery

    Porcelain Urn: perfect for the corner of a dining room, either as a piece of three-dimensional art or as a classic porcelain flower pot

    Antique wooden horse: painted wood on a wheeled stand. Place on a sideboard or in a dining room cabinet as a decorative touch to delight your guests

    Decorative candle holder: in a range of styles. Add a tealight to create a mood or simply let it stand on its own as a decorative highlight

  Ceramic jugs: for casual kitchen gatherings or autumn dinners. In a range of styles and colours.


Shop Online for Kitchen and Dining Decorative Accents.

The kitchen or dining room of your dreams is waiting for you at Provincial Home Living. 

With a selection of quality decorative accents and decorative touches for your kitchen and dining room, the friendly and experienced team in all our Provincial Home Living stores can guide you through the choices you have, to find the perfect solution for your home. We also have experts online who can answer any questions you may have, wherever you are in Australia. 

We provide Australia-wide delivery and shipping, flexible payment options include Zip Pay, and we offer a generous refunds and return policy – please remember to keep your proof of purchase.


For over 20 years, Provincial Home Living has been helping thoughtful shoppers find elegant solutions for elegant living. Take a quick trip through our huge catalogue, or contact us for more information about the many kitchen and dining room decorative options we have for you.

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