Sensational and Stylish Studies.  The perfect study can simply be a place where you can work on a weekend. Or a place where you can close the door shut out any distractions and spend an ... Show more


Sensational and Stylish Studies. 

The perfect study can simply be a place where you can work on a weekend. Or a place where you can close the door shut out any distractions and spend an hour or three doing exactly what you want to do. Whether your study in a place to be productive, or creative or reflective, with Provincial Home Living’s selection of study furniture and study homewares, you can turn any room into the oasis you’ve always wanted.


The Study You’ve Always Wanted.

For some, the study is the room you’ve converted because the kids have moved away – a place to shut out the world and give yourself a chance to focus on your own personal passions. For some, a study is a simple nook that needs a desk and a chair and a cabinet. For others, the study is the room they can’t go without, an office away from the office, a place to gather thoughts and hide yourself in so you can be more productive. However, you define your study, define it with your own style with our selection of study furniture and homewares.


Create the Study You’ll Love to Escape to.

Provincial Home Living gives you the ideas and inspirations to help you create your own personal haven. From study furniture to help you stay organised or display small elements of style to study homewares which help you add the little touches which personalise your personal room:

    Cabinets: cabinets for displaying mementos and cabinets for storing stuff away. A delightful array of styles and colours.

    Libraries: in one, two and three sections, available in black, white and natural wood.

    Desks: traditional looks and contemporary feels, pick the style you want. 

    Chairs: a large array to match the desk, or complement a corner.

    Artwork: add a highlight to a wall.

    Books and bookends: add them to your library to add some colour to your own collection, or on a side table to leaf through when the mood takes you.

    Clocks: another chance to put your own style on the wall, antique looks for traditional studies and modern looks for modern libraries. 

    Lighting: create a quiet corner for reading or a bright space for working with our wide range of table and floor lamps.


Shop Online for Study Furniture and Homewares.

If you’re shopping for the perfect piece of furniture for the perfect study, start your shopping at Provincial Home Living. We have a marvellous choice for any shopper.  Provincial Home Living is the perfect place to start your shopping search online. With a huge range and a friendly team providing the sort of customer experience you’d expect from a designer furniture emporium, you’ll discover flexible payment options suited to your budget and lifestyle (as well as Zip Pay), plus Australia-wide shipping and a generous refunds and return policy.

Provincial is a proudly family-run business with over 20 years’ experience. We have given Australian homemakers unique, high-quality homewares and would be delighted to help you breathe new life into your favourite spaces. 


Browse our exclusive collection of study furniture options online or contact us for more information about our products. 

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